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Wallcoverings peel off
Fact : Marshalls uses imported anti-fungal and anti-bacterial adhesive from U.K. Marshalls has 100+ professionally trained installers who take particular care to secure edges and the bottom of wallcovering because peeling starts from edges.
Wallcoverings collect dust
Fact : Marshalls Wallcoverings, though slightly uneven, do not have horizontal grooves to let dust settle on vertical walls. As a result wallcoverings continue looking fresh and new even after years unlike paint which needs fresh coat after 2-3 years.
Wallcoverings cannot be washed or cleaned.
Fact : Marshalls Wallcoverings are made of vinyl and are 100% washable. Tea, coffee, sauce, pencil, wax based crayon marks can easily be removed with sponge and soap water solution.
Wallcoverings do not have variety
Fact : Marshalls offers a huge variety of over 10,000 designs, with signature wallcoverings from world’s leading designers like Zaha Hadid, Karim Rashid, Ulf Morritz, Kelly Hoppens and Barbara Becker.
Wallcoverings are not affordable
Fact : Marshalls wallcoverings are available at the price of paint. The range starts from as low as Rs 27/- per sq. ft. and goes up to Rs 2000/- per sq. ft. That means that one wall of 100 sq. ft. on an average can be decorated by spending just Rs 2,700/- onwards.
Wallcoverings need special surfaces
Fact : Marshalls Wallcoverings can be fixed on any surface that is even, smooth and absorbs water.Since glass or metal do not absorb water, wallcoverings cannot be fixed on them.
Wallcoverings can catch fire
Fact : On catching fire, Marshalls Wallcoverings turn black but do not catch fire or let it spread. They are fire retardant. Even when fixed on wood, wallcoverings act as a barrier and prevent fire from reaching the wood.
Wallcoverings get spoiled with moisture/humidity
Fact : Made of vinyl, Marshalls Wallcoverings are at least 5 times more resistant to moisture than paint. Beyond that the leaking wall must be repaired and wallcovering can still be installed by erecting an artificial wall of cement sheet one inch away from leaking wall.
Wallcoverings increase heat in the room
Fact : Vinyl acts as insulator of heat preventing heat from atmosphere entering the room. Hence, walls with wallcoverings are cooler than painted wall in summers resulting in lesser energy consumption on air-conditioning.
Wallcoverings are not durable
Fact : After intensive tests, government owned testing organization SASMIRA has certified that Marshalls Wallcoverings last for 20 years without any quality deterioration.
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